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Look at the L'Aquila earthquake of 6th April 2009 in Central Italy:
After the deep focus earthquake in the Fiji Region:
the Central Italy earthquake of 6.3 MM struck 'L Aquila:
2009,04,06,013239   , 42.334,  13.334,6.3,  8,PDE
One day and 8 and a half hours was available for the people to evacuate.
Wikipedia: "The earthquake was felt throughout central Italy; 297 people are known to have died,[4] making this the deadliest earthquake to hit Italy since the 1980 Irpinia earthquake. In a subsequent inquiry of the handling of the disaster, seven members of the Italian National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks were accused of giving "inexact, incomplete and contradictory" information about the danger of the tremors prior to the main quake.[7][8] On 22 October 2012, six scientists and one ex-government official were convicted of multiple manslaughter for downplaying the likelihood of a major earthquake six days before it took place. "
Take now all these damage causing earthquakes which took place after a deep focus earthquake:

1980 Irpinia earthquake

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Terremoto dell'Irpinia
1980 Irpinia earthquake is located in Italy
Date November 23, 1980[1]
Magnitude 6.89 Magnitude Mw
Epicenter 40.85°N 15.28°ECoordinates: 40.85°N 15.28°E[1]
Countries or regions  Italy
Casualties 2,914 dead, > 10,000 injured
The 1980 Irpinia earthquake took place in the Irpinia region in Southern Italy on Sunday, November 23, 1980. Measuring 6.89[1] on the Richter Scale, the quake, centered on the village of Conza, killed 2,914 people, injured more than 10,000 and left 300,000 homeless. It is known in Italy as Terremoto dell'Irpinia (Irpinian earthquake).
This earthquake was also preceded by a deep focus earthquake in the Fiji Region: 
The Irpinian quake USGS data: 
1980,11,23,183453.80, 40.914,  15.366,6.5, 10,PDE  

This had 5 and a half days notice!

Or take the 26th January 2001  Bhuj earthquake:

"SOUTHERN INDIA. MW 7.7 (HRV), 7.6 (GS), 7.7 (CSEM). mb 6.9 (GS). 
MS 8.0 (GS). ME 7.6 (GS). MS 7.9 (BRK). Mo 3.4*10**20 Nm (HRV), 
2.9*10**20 Nm (GS), 3.8*10**20 Nm (CSEM). Es 6.4*10**15 Nm (GS). 
At least 20,005 people killed, 166,836 injured, approximately 
339,000 buildings destroyed and 783,000 damaged in the Bhuj- 
Ahmadabad-Rajkot area and other parts of Gujarat. Many bridges 
and roads damaged in Gujarat. At least 18 people killed and some 
injured in southern Pakistan. Felt throughout northern India and 
much of Pakistan. Also felt in Bangladesh and western Nepal. The 
earthquake occurred along an approximately east-west trending 
thrust fault at shallow depth..." - Extracted from USGS 
Significant earthquakes archive.
The USGS data:

2001,01,26,031640.50, 23.419,  70.232,7.7, 16,PDE
This earthquake was preceded by three deep focus earthquakes in the Fiji Region(USGS data):
2001,01,23,190130.27,-19.863,-178.372,   ,600,PDE  
2001,01,23,191213.81,-19.886,-178.369,   ,600,PDE 
This was two days and eight hours notice.

Or take the Killari-Latur September 29 1993 Maharashtra strong earthquake:
29 22:25:48.6   18.066   76.451   7 G 6.3 6.2 1.0 625 SOUTHERN INDIA. Mw 6.2   
                (GS), 6.2 (HRV). Mo=1.9*10**18 Nm (GS). Mo=2.2*10**18 Nm (HRV). 
                Mo=3.1*10**18 Nm (PPT). Nine thousand seven hundred forty-eight 
                people killed, about 30,000 injured and extreme devastation in  
                the Latur-Osmanabad area. Nearly all buildings were destroyed   
                in the village of Khillari. Felt in large parts of central and  
                southern India, including Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad and      
1993,09,29,222548.62, 18.066,  76.451,6.2,  6,PDE 
This was preceded by a deep focus earthquake on 25th Sep 1993:
1993,09,25,165829.38,-23.016, 179.469,4.7,550,PDE 
and another deep focus earthquake on 28th Sep 1993:
This gave at least a day and 21 hours notice.
And take the great Andaman Sumatra 9.3 MM earthquake 
of 26th December 2004:
2004,12,26,005853.45,  3.295,  95.982,9.1, 30,PDE
This was preceded by deep focus earthquake in the Fiji region:
This gave 8 hours notice.
And then lets take a look at the Fukushima earthquake
of 11 March 2011:
The first warning was a FIJI deep focus earthquake a week earlier:
And then this FIJI deep focus quake just an hour before:
It is a matter of informed debate what could have been saved in the case of 
the nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima and other stations but
perhaps Fukushima could have been evacuated applying the precautionary
principle. Similar remarks apply for people and animals 
elsewhere in Japan.
For the non-nuclear tragedies above, people could have been moved to 
safer places based on the deep focus earthquake occurrences.
My study clearly shows that dam forcing functions correlate with 
all these earthquakes including the deep focus ones in a 
highly significant manner. 



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